Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hyouge Mono

When you look up or hear of Bee Train you'll probably hear the fierce hatedom especially if your name starts with Clamp and ends in FAN. But aside from that, let's take a look at Bee Train's new spring series Hyouge Mono. Based on a award wining manga, the series follows a time long ago (late 1500s I suppose) a warrior by the name of Furuta Sasuke and his strange obsession with tea and pottery....Yeah I'm thinking the same thing.

Hyouge Mono is one of the few comedy series from the studio famous for it's gunslinging girls, it's take on the .hack// franchise and it's long forgotten series of the late 90s. If anything you could liken this to the opposite of their adaptation of the popular manga Blade of the Immortal. Blade being very serious and violent, this being comical and only slightly violent. If you are the one who likes quirky Seinen then you might actually like this, however general and casual anime fans would best avoid Hyouge Mono, as the series is downright silly and not in a very good way. Visually this is a pretty series to look at and so far that is about its strongest attribute compared to the very sloppy job of Blade of the Immortal. In my case being Bee Train fanatic that is the only reason I took a look at this series though my hopes are not high for this series to be all that interesting. This already following the trails of another bomb Psychic Detective Yakumo this isn't another high point from the already misunderstood and overly bashed studio.

If you want to see what the studio is really made of or if you are a general action lover, I recommend the six-part OVA Murder Princess (which most of my fellow Bee Train fans do not seem to like as much as I do).

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